Mazda Axela Handle outer door bowl cx-5 anti-scratch door bowl sticker best modification

Product Name: handle outer door bowl
Color classification:  carbon fiber texture
Place of origin:  Guangzhou
Material: ABS
Specification:12pcs set
Suitable for: Mazda Axela, CX-4, Atenza, CX-5
Product technology: car molding
Installation part:outside handrail position


Mazda handle outer door bowl

handle outer door bowl

Carbon fiber pattern door bowl sticker is a high-quality product designed to enhance the look of your vehicle’s door bowls. These stickers are available in both black and red variants, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your style and preferences.


One of the key advantages of these door bowl stickers is their durability. Made from premium carbon fiber materials, they are resistant to scratches, fading, and wear, ensuring long-lasting protection for your door bowls. The carbon fiber pattern adds a touch of elegance and sportiness to your vehicle, giving it a more sophisticated and modern appearance.


Installation of these stickers is straightforward and can be done without the need for professional assistance. The stickers are precisely cut to fit the contours of your door bowls, ensuring a seamless and neat finish. Additionally, they are designed to be removable without leaving any residue, allowing for easy customization or removal if needed.


Another benefit of the carbon fiber pattern door bowl sticker is its ability to protect the surface of your door bowls from scratches and minor impacts. It acts as a barrier, preventing everyday usage from causing damage to the original paint or material.


These stickers not only enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle but also offer a cost-effective way to upgrade its look. Whether you want to give your car a sporty edge or add a touch of luxury, these door bowl stickers are an excellent choice.


In summary, the carbon fiber pattern door bowl sticker combines durability, easy installation, and style. With the option of black or red variants, you can personalize your vehicle to reflect your individuality. Upgrade the look of your door bowls and make a statement with these high-quality stickers.